Why choose Aim Assist?

With a million drinks on the market all claiming to 
do the same thing, why would we be any different? Bet you've heard that 
tagline on just about every focus/supplement site out there.


Aim Assist is owned and operated by Jake and Josh Bogert. We run Cinch 
Gaming and Alt Customs day in and day out. I was spending hundreds of 
dollars a month on energy drinks for the office and everyone was getting
CRACKED out of their mind all day. 

When building custom gaming controllers at Cinch Gaming, our builders need to be able to 
focus and stay energetic without feeling like they are going to have a 
heart attack on a daily basis. 

Other gaming supplement companies are even worse than canned energy drinks you buy in the store - just look at the ingredients. 

We decided to create something that we would ACTUALLY DRINK and not feel bad about selling.

After one year of testing formulas, flavors and everything in between - Aim Assist is finally here.

This is something you can feel GOOD about drinking. Laser in, dial it up and don't feel like absolute crap at the end.