The Aim Assist Difference.

What makes Aim Assist different?

Aim Assist works differently than most energy drink products. Our unique blend of nootropics helps you focus and stay on task. Each serving of Aim Assist only has 55mg of caffeine (Like a cup of coffee) - but trust us, you don't need more than that to feel the effects of Aim Assist.

Why only 55mg of caffeine?

When paired with our unique blend of nootropics, 55mg of caffeine does the trick and then some. We designed Aim Assist to be healthier by not overloading your body with excess caffeine.

Who should drink Aim Assist?

Aim Assist is made for doers, people like you that want to stay focused on the task at hand. It not only increases concentration but gives you a competitive edge you won't get anywhere else. Our formula is one of a kind and doesn't leave you feeling CrAcKeD - just smooth focus and energy without ANY crash.

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We make products we feel good about.

Most "gaming energy supplements" are so bad for you. You're pounding your insides with 200mg + of caffeine and so much filler material.

It's important to feel good about what you eat and drink, that's why we created Aim Assist. We wanted a performance boost that actually worked - without feeling like total crap afterwards.



With a unique blend of nootropics, aim assist targets your ability to focus and stay on task.



With 2 years of research and development, we designed aim assist with low caffeine so you don't crash or get CrAcKeD. Trust us, you'll feel it.

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